For Teachers and Educators

The is the link for teachers and educators who are using the Education2020 site in teaching their students. The Education2020 program is an online facility that provides selective programs and courses for grades 1 to 12 students. It is some kind of a virtual classroom where teachers would teach their students online instead of meeting them up in an actual classroom setting. is a website run by the Education2020. As mentioned, this is where teachers would need to log in if they need to use the Education2020 site. The website allows the teachers to provide lectures to their students through an online virtual classroom, thus, students will also need to log in to the site before they can join the virtual class.

Among the courses that are available on Education2020 are computer science, communication, language, history, math, engineering, agriculture, and many more. is definitely a big help for both the teachers and the students all over the United States.

Using the website of Education2020 is just so easy for both the teachers and the students. If you are a faculty member or a teacher who makes use of this site, then refer to the following steps:

• Visit the website by typing in
• You will then be asked to choose the virtual classroom so make a selection in order to proceed.
• Enter your username and password.
• Click login.
• If you want to go back to the main website, simply click on Return to
• If you want to know if you have the proper plugins for the site to function well, click on “Check Plugins”.

Using is just so easy for all teachers. All they need is to key-in their username and password and they will then be connected to the virtual classroom and start the class discussion with their students online.

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